About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) Non­Profit Organization. LEAP is a YouthBuild USA Non­Profit Organization, whose overall design is to allow YouthBuild graduates to participate in community and civic engagement. LEAP also sponsors the California State Alumni Council (CSTAC), which is an appointed group of YouthBuild graduates who are nominated by site directors and chosen by the LEAP team. The goal of CSTAC is to work with local programs, the California Coalition, and the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative to Build, Advocate, and Represent local YouthBuild Programs in statewide forums.


Each CSTAC member will help build their local graduate network at their local YB. CSTAC members will be trained on how to organize and sustain a solid core of graduates for personal support, professional development, action and advocacy.


There are 40 YB programs and not enough federal funding to support them. The YouthBuild Coalition needs the help of the CSTAC on a campaign to get campaign to get major multi-million dollar state funding for California YB programs. CSTAC members will be trained on how to advocate with local and state officials.


CSTAC will be the face of the YouthBuild movement in the public arena by representing YB and opportunity youth at local and state conferences, events, commissions, and so on. CSTAC members will be trained on public speaking, telling their story of self, and facilitating workshops.


YOUTHBUILD California State Alumni Council

The California State Alumni Council(CSTAC) was developed to support the ongoing leadership development that is happening throughout Youthbuild programs in California. Over 1000 young people graduate high school and earn an industry of recognized certification each year through Youthbuild. Most graduates go on to college and others move on to work in meaningful careers. Leadership Empowerment Action Pathways (LEAP) is a new initiative from YouthBuild USA to expand opportunities for YouthBuild graduates. The California State Alumni Council was founded and by YouthBuild USA and the Knight Foundation three years ago in 2013. Throughout the councils existence, they have supported the Youthbuild movement and the youth in these programs as well as help the youth get the necessary tools and resources they need to help them succeed.




John Marin

Sergeant of Arms
Graduate of the Fresno EOC YouthBuild program, John Marin is continuing his post secondary education as a part time student. His dream is to become a social worker who is working with troubled youths. He’s been spreading the word of his YouthBuild program to everyone he has met of how it helped him and gave him the tools that he needed to have an opportunity of bettering himself , his family, and his community.

Gina Vongkaeo

Communications Director
Gina is a graduate of the YouthBuild San Joaquin Program. After graduation, Gina became a member of the California State Alumni when she was elected on by her peers at the California Alumni Xchange. During her time on the council, Gina has led California YouthBuild students on Capitol Hill in meetings with elected officials.

Jocelyne Campos

Jocelyne Campos found CCEO YouthBuild when she was 17 and decided to give it a try. While there she was given many opportunities and had lot of support from the staff who encouraged her to take on leadership roles. Now she is 20 years old and attending Santa Monica college. She also serves as the secretary of the California State Alumni Council.

Ron Scott

A graduate of the San Joaquin YouthBuild program. Ron wanted to step up and be a leader beyond his YouthBuild site. He ran for a seat on the council at the 2013 CA Alumni Xchange and was one of the participants chosen to represent the YouthBuild Movement in California. Ron has been serving on the council since then and is now the Treasurer for the council.

Marco Vivar

Marco Vivar was an at risk youth who was able to turn his life around and give back to his Family and community .Graduated from Venice YouthBuild and is currently a student studying to become a Computer Engineer. He now serves at a state and national level by Representing Youth of all demographics on The California State Alumni Council as the elected President. He will fortify and expand YouthBuild by Raising the B.A.R.

Niko Salas

Vice President
A graduate of the CCEO YouthBuild Program in Lennox, Niko continues to serve his community and YouthBuild in his work as the Americorps VISTA for YouthBuild Charter School of California. In this capacity Niko serves the Alumni Relations Coordinator in efforts to continue to connect and assist alumni in their endeavors. Enrolling in YouthBuild has been a key component of Niko’s life.


LEAP & CSTAC are in the process of searching for new CSTAC members from across the state. We are looking for motivated graduates of YouthBuild from all sites. If you are interested or know anyone who would be interested, talk to the site's director from which you graduated to see if they are already represented. Check our long description for information on the CSTAC.