April 9, 2016


What Happened Last Month

100K Opportunities Starbucks Job Fair and CEO Round Table

The Job Fair is a part of the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative. 35+ companies have  joined to create more pathways to economic opportunity for young Americans. The goal is to engage at least 100,000 opportunity youth, ages from 16 to 24, by 2018 through apprenticeships, internships, and part-time and full-time jobs.
This year there were 100+ YouthBuild students and Alumni who attended the event. Companies like Starbucks, Fed Ex,Walgreens, Hilton, Nordstrom, and many more all attended the event looking for great new employees. There were places to create a resume, have mock interviews, clothes and hair stylists with photos taken, and special speakers Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and DJ Khaled.
YouthBuild Alumni Armando Luna about meeting business members, “sit in front of employers and HR reps as they give advice on how to have a relationship with there employees. I met the Community Chief of Starbucks, Blair Taylor. which I work for. After the panel discussion, he came up to me and just gave me appreciations. I would most certainly do it again.”

Emerging Leaders Retreat  By : Niko Salas

YouthBuild Charter staff, students and alumni from Compton YouthBuild, Field of Dreams Learning, and ACE’s RUTH YouthBuild attended the Emerging Leaders Retreat in Big Pine, CA this past weekend. They had an amazing weekend full of useful workshops, fun outings and community building activities. Before arriving at the retreat, they visited the Japanese internment camp in Manzanar on the anniversary of when President Roosevelt signed the executive order to have more than 110,000 men, women, and children to leave their homes and detained them in remote, military-style camps. Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten camps where Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were interned during World War II. Students were able to explore the visitation center, which includes 8000 square feet of exhibits, a bookstore, and theaters which show the site’s award winning 22-minute film, Remembering Manzanar every half hour.
Most of the students invited out were part of their sites’ Youth Policy Committees and were there to show the leaders they are and to ensure that the next up and coming leaders are prepared to step up to the plate. Workshops and activities were facilitated by the California State Alumni Council Vice-President Niko Salas (Century Center for Economic Opportunity Alumnus), Armando Luna (Field of Dream Alumnus), and Onix Moreno (Compton Alumna); as well as YouthBuild Charter School of California staff. Workshops and activities included ways to prepare for California YouthBuild Day (formerly Government Education Days), how to find and engage your state and local officials, and an overview of who CSTAC is and what they do. The youth had an amazing time and were even surprised with a visit to the snow! It was a first time for many of the youth present and they really loved it.

Alumni Highlight
Raul Cervantes Jr joined YouthBuild San Jose August 2014 and graduated January 2015. After graduating, Raul starting working with his YouthBuild program as the Alumni coordinator and facilitate workshops for their leadership students. In 2016 he joined the YouthBuild California State Alumni Council and recently started college in the spring semester majoring in Psychology with the prospect of becoming a high school counselor. YouthBuild has given Raul many opportunities like attending Government Education Day in California, Council of Young Leaders as a delegate last year and as a staff member this year, the Alumni Exchange in New Orleans, and joining CSTAC.
From his time being a student at YouthBuild to today, Raul has had the same motivation; his family.  Being a role model for his sister, so she can see all the great things she can accomplish with determination and passion. With the help from his students he has gained another motivation. Raul is able to meet and get to know people from different backgrounds making him want to continue striving to do great things because by doing so life gets better. 
Quote from Alumni “I just want to thank YouthBuild for every opportunity they have provided me with because my public high school never offered me opportunities like YouthBuild Has done. Everyone has the opportunity to rise above their struggles and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about why they do.”

What’s Coming Up


California YouthBuild Day

Formally known as Government Education day, California YouthBuild Day is California’s largest YouthBuild event. This is a conference for all 40 sites to come together and spend time with students, alumni, and staff from all over the state of California to share stories and talk to legislators about what issues are important to them.

California YouthBuild Day will be from April 18th through April 20th. This year we are focusing on student leadership workshops and networking with other sites, press, and government legislators. The California State Alumni Council is helping with planning this event with workshops. This will be a momentous occasion and you would not want to miss it.

Los Angeles YB Day

Like California YouthBuild Day, this is YouthBuild’s biggest day in Los Angeles. This event has been going on for the past three years. This year Los Angeles YouthBuild Day will happen on April 26th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. All YouthBuild programs from the Los Angeles area are invited to come together and rally for the YouthBuild movement and raise awareness for what YouthBuild has to offer, does for people’s lives, shows how YouthBuild students, alumni, and staff stay together. We will march and chant all the way to Los Angeles County Supervisor Building. People will share information on all YouthBuild can do for individuals.

Past years, young adults meet some Los Angeles legislators and were able to share their own stories to an audience. This event was brought about with looking at how Council of Young Leaders handled events and what was done on the national level could be replicated at the local level. We encourage all to attend this magnificent event.

Important News


California YouthBuild Day at the Capitol

Sites will be staying at Double Tree by Hilton (2001 Point West Way Sacramento, CA 958152001 Point West Way Sacramento, CA 95815). Buses will be provided for people coming up from the South. Contact Rollin Kocher to RSVP that your site is attending the event, will be using the hotel room, and if you will need the travel on our YouthBuild bus from the South at rkocher@youthbuild.org

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